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My Highness

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Whether worn combined or separately, these natural matte onyx bracelets with the elaborate golden ornaments represent a type of aristocracy from olden days.
Maybe the tzars from orthodox Russia or a Japanese emperor… (fun fact by the way: did you know that Japan has the longest direct line of emperors? The current one is Akihito and is the emperor since 1989 and he is the 125th direct descendent from Japan’s legendary first emperor, Jimmu!)
May the wearer of these bracelet get some of the wisdom of the centuries!

Styling recommendations:
To wear it more casually pair it with simple black accessories, like our “Blacksupport” earrings and to emphasize its elegance wear it with golden earrings.

Length: 3 inches inner circumference (7.6 cm)
Material: Natural onyx stone

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