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When I think back at my youth, sooner or later my mind always wanders to memories with all of us sitting on a bench in a park, slight breeze, sunny weather, green trees - everyone wearing comfy, casual clothes with sneakers of course.
Do you ever feel like bringing back those years?

This bracelet reminds me of those “good old carefree days”. Something about its cut, its simplicity just catches me.
Can be easily won by either gender and thanks to the adjustable buttons it can fit many wrist sizes.

Styling recommendation:
To bring back the youth and the skateboard times even more, try it with our black earrings “Blacksupport” or to give it a feminine touch pair it with the “Rosa Notte” earrings.

Length: 16.9 inches (44cm) x 1.49 inches (3.8cm)
Material: Premium grade genuine leather

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