About Silver Square

I founded Silver Square - Color Up Jewelries! because we think in colors. And Silver Square because we want to be your little silver treasury box that you know will have exactly what your heart desires. (Also Silver Square just has a ring to it (pun intended), doesn’t it?)

When we’re getting ready in the morning, we match our current mood. Either with our whole outfit, if we don’t have to wear something formal - or at least with our accessories.
We feel the colors, we feel their vibes: literally in terms of their wave length of each color and figuratively too in terms of the mood they project.

Above the instinctive selection process that we all have, I infused color psychology to this site.
Not to overwrite what we feel in our guts, but rather to show some guidelines on days when we don’t feel like anything really. A smartly chosen color can give that little shift that will make us smile in the mirror and leave the house in a better state of mind.

I acquired my taste for fashion and jewelry from all over the world, working as model from the age of 19. In my native city, Budapest, Hungary I was exposed to classical European heritage mixed with urban modern style - frequently visiting Vienna, Prague, Paris and Milan: European centers of fine jewelry making.
Today I’m a student at one of the world’s elite and best-known university: Harvard – studying psychology, while putting the knowledge of the human psyche to work at my biggest passion and hopefully one day my profession: acting.